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christian louboutin shoes outlet Christian Louboutin shoes Cheap Ben Carson is considering quotation as minister of housing and urban development in the coming president-elect Donald trump.
Carson, in an interview with fox news confirmed on Wednesday night, "offer on the table," and said that a decision can be expected in the next few days.
"We do have a discussion needs to be done, what's option," he said.
If Carson position, it will be a major shift for retired neurosurgeon, in 2016, the republican candidate for President, has never held elected office.
Just last week, Carson told the Washington post,Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet Shoes he preferred "from the outside, not from the inside," Armstrong Williams said through a spokesman, he think he is not eligible to run on a federal agencies have no political experience.
Williams message last week to try to quell the speculation to the reporter, Carson will accept a cabinet is better than the government's role "in the government or any position."
But Carson told fox news on Wednesday, Williams is "to speak off the cuff.
The Wall Street journal first reported on Wednesday afternoon, he accepted the job, but then said that it has distorted Williams said.
Soon after, the two reporters Williams told they also consider the offer,Christian Louboutin shoes outlet Carson and Williams on twitter, the Wall Street journal quoted him. Then updated in his works reflect, Carson didn't accept the job.
Trump Tuesday morning on twitter,Cheap Christian Louboutin Sale Shoes he is considering Carson lead the department of housing and urban development, refueling, the report says retired doctor will join the government, the official capacity.
Secretary, Carson will head office supervision and fair housing act, affordable housing development fund project, planning and other related projects to solve homelessness. He didn't have any housing policy or development experience.
Fox news interview Tuesday, Carson, citing growing up in Detroit qualifications the role of the secretary of the department of housing and urban development.
"I grew up in the city, spend a lot of time, and many patients from regional and realize that we cannot have a powerful country if there is a weak inland cities," he said.
If the senate confirms his position, Carson will the REINS from the current secretary of the department of housing and urban development Julian castro.
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This is a critical moment problem belongs to the scope of the department of housing and urban development. Dean Robert Shibley institute of architecture and urban planning at the university of buffalo, says this is particularly important, the minister of housing and urban development understand the organization's core mission, he summed up as "homeless and affordable housing."
"At some point, we are in a country is too much, not enough," Shibley Wednesday told the huffington post. "If the minister of housing and urban development has a lot of experience, they will know this. If they don't, they need the people around you will do yourself."
Shibley pointed out that the department of housing and urban development supervision can't solve the problem, the organization and emphasizes the importance of the department of housing and urban development leaders have the ability to cooperate with other institutions, including the United States environmental protection agency, the department of health and human services, the department of labor and the national science foundation.
"If the assumption is that market forces will address core mission - - it won't be homeless and affordable housing," he added.
Carson support trump shortly after Christian Louboutin shoes sale dropping out of the republican presidential primaries and maintain a stable relationship with the candidate. Trump, Carson and former HP CEO carly fiorina is three candidates running for President had no political experience.
As a candidate, Carson thought integrity and the ability to work is very popular.Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes For Sale Congress the controversial, and he is firmly opposed to abortion. However, he became to odd behavior interview during inspection of the scene like a bolt of his luggage and supporting a strange conspiracy theories about the Egyptian pyramids.
This article first reports, Carson has accepted the position, quoted by the Wall Street journal reports. Has been updated to reflect, Carson spokesman said later that he was misquoted in the Wall Street journal, Carson is still considering this position. It has also been updated to include Carson fox news commentary on Wednesday night.
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